Planning to buy a Bathroom scale for yourself? Choosing a bathroom scale for yourself is easy if you know all about the different types of bathroom scales that are available.

There are three main types of Bathroom scales available depending on the shape and size of the scales: Traditional Mechanical scales, Electronic or Digital scales, and Body Fat Analyzer scales.

1. Body Fat Analyzer Scale

This type of Bathroom Scale is ideal for anyone who is looking for overall health improvement and would like to differentiate between weight loss and body fat loss. This type of scale helps you in determining your BMI index, body water percentage and so on, once you enter a few details like your gender, age, height, etc.

Body Fat Analyzer Scale

This scale sends a little current through your body and determines your body fat. The current passes quickly through muscles and slowly through fat and the amount of time it takes for the current to pass through your entire body helps the scale in determining your body fat.

This type of scale should be avoided by pregnant women, small children, or if you are using internal medical devices.

These scales are usually pricier due to so many features and such an advanced technology. If you go for a hi-tech Body Fat Analyzer scale which can send data to your mobile or PC, you will end up paying more for it.

This type of scale is best for athletes and people who are trying to stay fit and healthy as it can provide you all the information about your body and can keep a track of the progress that you have made so far.

2. Digital Scale

This type of Bathroom scale is similar to a Mechanical scale but you don’t have trouble while reading the displayed weight. Since this type of scale employs an electric screen to display your weight, it is easier to read and there is no chance of inaccuracy while reading.

Some of these scales also offer a feature of multi-user storage where they store the data for a number of users and then they track the weight progress of these users. This can help your family in keeping a track of their weights and plan better for a healthy and fit body. This type of scale is usually more costly than a mechanical scale but still affordable.

3. Mechanical Scale

This is one of the cheapest and most straightforward types of bathroom scale which are designed to just do one job, measure your weight. This type of scale shows your weight in different metrics like stone, pounds, and kilograms. This type of scale is cheap but one can spend a little more on better material like steel or plastic.

Mechanical Scale

If you go for a better material mechanical scale, you can be sure that it won’t break down anytime soon and will be able to handle much heavier weights than other bathroom scales. However, it can be a little difficult to read the weight as the markings are placed close together.

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