Are you planning to replace your bathroom’s showerhead yourself? Wondering how you can do it? With the help of this DIY guide, you will be able to remove your old showerhead and will be able to replace it with a brand new, working showerhead in just a few minutes. Changing showerheads is easy and can be done quickly with the least amount of efforts.

Here is a detailed description of how you can do that.

Replace Shower Head

Tools needed for this job:

  • A new showerhead
  • An adjustable wrench
  • Plumber’s Tape(Teflon Tape)


1. Pick a suitable showerhead

The first step in replacing a showerhead requires you to pick the perfect shower head for your bathroom. If you are replacing your showerhead to save more water, then you need to select a low-flow variety of showerhead for yourself. Another thing to consider is whether your area gets chlorinated water or not. If it does, then you would need a showerhead with a filter to protect yourself from the chemical exposure.

2. Remove the old showerhead

Now, take your wrench and use it to grip around the notch of your showerhead and then give it a few counter-clockwise turns. If you are still not able to get it off with the help of your wrench, then grab your wrench from the very end of the handle so that you get a little more torque. Don’t put too much pressure though and be extra careful with the amount of pressure that you apply. Once your showerhead is loose, you can simply unscrew the showerhead with your bare hands.

3. Remove excess materials

Once you have removed the old showerhead, you will see a lot of dirt and grime left in or around the pipe. Make sure that you remove the residue with the help of a clean rag so that you can install a new showerhead.

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4. Wrap the plumber’s tape

Once your pipe is properly cleaned, apply a few layers of Teflon Tape on the threads of the pipe. This tape won’t be as sticky but it will handle the threads properly. You can also use your fingers to smooth out the tape along the pipe threads.

5. Install the new showerhead

Now finally, you can install the new showerhead. Although all showerheads are different, most of them can still be easily installed by a little hand-tightening in the clock-wise direction.

You can also use a wrench to fit the new showerhead on the pipe but only if it is mentioned in the instruction’s manual. If you do use a wrench, make sure that you don’t overtighten and don’t use too much force.

6. Test it

Once you have successfully installed the new showerhead, it is time that you check the showerhead for any leaks or damages. Turn on your showerhead and check if there are any leaks around the seal. If there is a leak, then you can hand-tighten the shower a bit more and test again. If there is no leak, then you have successfully replaced your old, damaged showerhead with a new one.

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