A lot of planning goes into building a house and the planning includes not just the interiors, it includes the exteriors too. A house with a great landscape design will make the house the cynosure of all eyes. To create a great landscape you need to involve art, nature and technology and the most important part is to innovate. However, not all of us are landscape designers and hence it is advisable to hire a professional landscape designer to make your ideas a reality.

landscape design

A professional landscape designer can be easily found by searching on any search engine.  A good designer will have a website and a dedicated portfolio. Just by going through the portfolio you will know whether the designer can bring your ideas into fruition. Go through the websites of many professional designers and short list a few. Speak to them about your ideas and get them to send you a preliminary design. Once you are comfortable with the designs of a designer you can hire them.

For a visually appealing landscape design the designer needs to incorporate the latest trends. You cannot have a design which was the rage of the last decade. Similarly if eco-friendly landscape design is the trend then your designer should show you designs that will make your landscape visually appealing as well as it should be eco-friendly. The designer should focus on using natural light and less water and if possible use other naturally occurring materials.

There are principles involved in landscape designing. Ensure that your designer follows the principles so that you get a good design. There should be unity in the design and the design should flow smoothly whether inward or outward. For example having a fountain in the centre of the landscape will ensure that it is the centre of attention and all the objects that are added will form a symmetry outward.

fountain landscape

Detail your plans to the designer clearly. Once you have envisaged the look and feel that you want for the landscape you should enunciate it clearly to the designer. If possible you should put everything in writing as it will help the designer to design a landscape that you like.

You can also provide pictures of landscape designs that you like and which you would like to incorporate into your landscape. If you like to have a herbal garden in the landscape mix, tell your designer to include it too. You can have wonderful herbs for your kitchen from your garden itself.

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